The Next Right Choice

I’ve had several friends ask me lately how I’m doing with healthy living (THANK YOU FOR ASKING!).  Well totally honestly, it’s been up and down the last few months.  But instead of feeling guilty, I’m just going to make the NEXT RIGHT CHOICE!
Here are my goals for the next month:

1.  Exercise at least 3x per week (Zumba will likely be my exercise of choice but may try to get some tennis in as well!)

2.  Cook more at home.  If I do eat out, salad it is!  (Luckily I actually love salads.)  Some of my current favs from fast food restaurants are the new Spicy Chicken Southwest Salad at Chick-fil-A, the Asian Grilled Chicken Salad at Wendy’s (FYI the dressing is spicy but delicious), and a Chipotle Salad with chicken, pico de gallo, red salsa, and guac.

3.  No mindless eating.  I’m sticking to eating small and healthy snacks every couple of hours and then healthy lunches & dinners.  The goal is to get my metabolism working at its best and to not get to the “I’m so hungry I don’t care about eating healthy” stage where my plan easily can go out the window for something quick and convenient.

Gimme Some Oven is one of my new favorite blogs.  The author, Ali, has great and mostly healthy recipes, takes BEAUTIFUL pictures, and just seems like a kind and interesting single girl that I feel like I can relate with at least a little!  AND she responds to comments, so I feel like we are on our way to BFF status.  Here are three recipes that I’m going to try this month from her blog:

And then just an observation about weight loss in general.  I admit that among the MANY reasons of wanting to lose weight and be healthy, wanting to be desirable and pretty are up there as reasons as well.  But I saw something the other day that was a good reminder.  And ULTIMATELY, I want to get my value from what the Lord thinks of me not what people (especially guys) think of me.
So, I’m back!  And remember, if you’ve gotten lazy or busy, just make the NEXT RIGHT CHOICE.  Don’t beat yourself up for your mistakes, just get back on track now.  All the little choices will add up!


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