Health Tips!

I came across this AMAZING compilation of diagrams about healthy eating that I wanted to share with you!  I didn’t include all 24, but you can go to the website to see any that I did not include or to link to other websites to learn more! (

Prepare to be inspired! I know that each of these diagrams are very small here on the blog post.  If you click on a diagram, a larger version should appear on your screen and then you should also be able to click on it again to zoom in on the ones with really little writing.  If all else fails, check out the website above for larger images!
3 Ingredient Smoothies  Avocado Five Minute Nutrion Meals For One Fruit-Veggie Serving Size Grains How to Store Hummus Mason Jar Salad Mix and Match Salad Nuts Paleo Perfect Smoothies Portion Sizes Prevention Protein Substitues Baking Superfoods

Here is the link to see what each of those super foods are:

And that’s it!  When we are working toward better health, it’s important that we understand what we are putting into our bodies and what our bodies really need for optimal health.  I am LEARNING to think about the foods that I am eating and whether they are nutrient full or nutrient empty.

What will the food that I eat, do for me?  Will it keep me full?  Will it give me nutrients?  Will it give me energy?  Will it help burn fat?  OR will it make me sleepy?  Will it slow down my metabolism?  Will I feel GUILTY after eating it?  Will I be hungry again soon?  Will it slow down my progress toward my goals?  Again, like I said, I’m in the middle of learning this, but it is definitely helpful and I’m hoping that eventually, I won’t have to always ask myself these questions because I’ll just be in the habit of choosing healthy options and hopefully will also learn to crave healthy things.  I do find that the more I eat healthy food, the more I crave it.  I think sometimes it’s the actual food I crave, but I think sometimes it’s also the feeling or results that I get after I eat that I crave. (proud that I made a good choice, don’t feel weighted down or sick from heavy foods, lose weight, etc.)

Hopefully these diagrams got you thinking and have inspired you to try some new things and to continue on in your health journey!


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