I want to talk a little bit about the idea of an insurmountable goal. Insurmountable is defined as something “too great to be overcome.” I OFTEN think of this when I look at where I need to get to so that I can be healthy. I get overwhelmed so much so that sometimes I just want to quit. Or not start. Because if I start and fail, well, that never feels good. In a lot of ways, it would be easier just to keep living how I’ve lived. Everybody has issues, why can’t mine be food?

We probably all have something in our lives that seems insurmountable: gaining our health back, getting on top of our finances, ending an addiction or bad habit, forgiving someone who has wronged us, restoring a relationship, committing our life to God, _______________ (insert whatever here).

When I start to feel overwhelmed and incapable, I go back to my motivation for change and reevaluate my short and long term goals. I need to ask myself, “Are the decisions I’m making today, supporting my goals?” I need to keep making lots of good little decisions. These little decisions really do add up and begin to give me the intrinsic motivation (not needing others or outside forces to motivate) that I need to keep on going even when I’m not seeing tangible results. The extrinsic motivation (compliments and encouragement) sure help as well, but I think the intrinsic motivation is really important to long-term success.

I hope that whatever feels insurmountable in your life, that you won’t give up and that you’ll be encouraged to keep going.


And I want to be able to celebrate with you in your victories as you celebrate with me on mine.  Check out this article at Momastery.  It’s a really cool perspective on learning to celebrate with others rather than comparing and envying.(

never give up

So, for my sake, here are my goals and motivation for change with a few revisions.  I highly recommend writing down your goals and sharing them with someone you love.  Accountability is a GREAT THING.


-Lose 20 lbs. by the end of February
-Continue to try new and healthy foods and develop a repertoire of recipes I can enjoy and stay on track with and not get bored with the same old stuff
-“Win” the health challenge that I’m participating in (this includes lots of healthy habits, see previous post)

LONG-TERM GOALS (Not sure on a timeline yet for these goals):
-Have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI)
-Go Sky Diving
-Hike the Grand Canyon
-Play in a competitive tennis league or group (I’d like to start pursuing this in the summer when it warms up a bit, ok, let’s be honest, it warms up a LOT here in Houston)
-Go to an amusement park and ride whatever rides I want (I’m going to Disney at the end of the summer, so I guess that’s becoming my timeline out of necessity because I want to fully enjoy it!)

1. I want to live a FULL and vibrant active life. I REALLY want to go skydiving. REALLY want to. My sister has even given me money to go as a gift and I’ve never gone. To fully enjoy the experience, I need to be at a healthier weight. I also want to hike the Grand Canyon. Right now, I’m definitely not in shape to do that. I want to be at a healthy weight so that I don’t hesitate to do these kinds of things.
2. I don’t want to be worried about my weight and focusing on myself and miss out on opportunities to love on other people because I’m so focused on my insecurities.
3. I want to be a good example to my nephew and nieces and possibly children someday.
4. I want to be able to walk into any store, find what I like, and find my size. I love shopping and love fashion but where you are plus-sized, it’s MUCH harder to find clothes that fit right and are flattering.
5. If I ever get married, I want to be confident in my body because I don’t want that to get in the way of my relationship with my husband.
6. I want to sit in an airplane seat, theater seat, roller coaster, etc. and not feel like I’m spilling over onto the person next to me. Ha I can’t believe I actually verbalized this one. It’s not one I really share with many people but it is a real struggle for someone who struggles with their weight.



  1. Ive been telling my kids a lot recently that life is about taking that next right step, making that next good decision. I’m trying to tell myself the same thing! It can get overwhelming otherwise. Also, have you found the website Skinnytaste? Great recipes! Keep up the great work!


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