The Healthy Games-6 Week Challenge


Hey friends! I want to tell you about and invite you to join me on a 6-week journey of health! Last fall I participated in a health challenge and LOVED it.

Basically, it is an online health challenge. You decide whether your goal is to lose 6% off your body weight or maintain your body weight within 1%. Each day you earn points from things like: exercising, following whatever eating plan you have, drinking water, keeping track of what you eat, reading articles and watching videos on health, fitness, stress reduction, healthy eating habits, basic weight lifting, and posting encouragement on your team’s wall.

It costs about $23 to play and if you meet your goal and earn enough points, you can win back your money plus some.

It’s honestly very fun and I learned so much to help me stay on track and to stay motivated. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Here’s a promo video:

Here’s the link to join:


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