Saying Yes

1.  Family Time
-I’m blessed to be close to family and I want to love on and support them every chance I get!  This includes babysitting, going to events, one-on-one time, and just in general taking advantage of any time I get to spend with them!

2.  Healthier Food
-I’m continuing on in my journey to health and a majority of my time, going to eat food that is healthy for me and helps me reach my health goals.  I’m always on the look out for a new healthy recipe!

3.  Choosing an Active Lifestyle
-I’m going to stop making specific goals regarding exercise because those don’t seem to work with me, but I’m going to incorporate an active lifestyle whenever I get the chance whether it be actually working out, parking far from the store, playing tennis with my nephew, etc.

4.  Developing my Hobbies
-Main ones I’m going to focus on are crafts, tennis, and reading.  These are all so relaxing to me and help me feel renewed.

5.  Learning to say NO
-I feel guilty when I say no to things, especially worthy causes.  BUT I need to continue to learn to do this so that I don’t fill up my time with so much stuff so I don’t have time to focus on what really matters to me.

6.  Less Stress/Anxiety
-This is similar to the above one.  Over committing causes stress to me.  Being a perfectionist (in planning activities) can cause stress.  I’ve already made some strides in this area, but want to continue avoiding situations that will cause added stress or anxiety.

7.  Reading through my Bible
-I’m doing this with a good friend and want to commit to following through.  I’m listening to an audio version from YouVersion on my way to/from work each day.

8.  Investing in friendships new and old
-Although I have a lot of amazing friendships, I’ve felt lonely a lot lately, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t been intentional in my friendships lately.  I can’t rely on social media to renew me in friendships.  I need actual conversations and time together to develop the friendships that I need AND hopefully through this, I’ll be the friend that someone else needs.

9.  Following the Holy Spirit’s prompting
-I just want to be sensitive to what the HS is putting on my heart whatever it is, even when it’s simple like sending a word of encouragement or telling someone I love them.

10.  Trusting God in my finances
-I want to continue to tithe and give faithfully and in general, spend my money wisely and trust God to provide what I need.


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