Dear Halloween,

I am breaking up with you!  I know you are coming soon. You come every year at this time.  I have to tell you that I love the ritual of getting out and getting to know neighbors and seeing how much fun the kids have, but here’s the thing. . .sometimes you are an excuse to act very irresponsibly when it comes to eating.  And let’s get real; I can’t live like that anymore.

This year is different for me.  I will not be participating the way I have in the past.  Those bags of candy are NOT going to sit on my counter and I’m not sneaking some when the kids are not looking. Listen, it’s not you it’s me.  I am changing.  I still want to be friends and all that.  We can still hang out and have a great time together; we just can’t be like we used to be.  It’s for the best, and in time you will see that.  This will be hard at first, but time will make it easier.  Maybe next year we can have a small candy apple together, but this year I really want to stay on plan, and remember that it’s ok for me to take a year off so I can get where I want to be.  Thanks for your understanding.

Adults Everywhere

(I got this from my great health coach, Janelle, and just loved it so I had to share it.  I actually wrote a VERY similar note to cheeseburgers a while back and will share at a later time!)



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