It’s easy to solely focus on the number on the scale going down and to get discouraged if that isn’t happening as quickly as you’d like for it to. Just remember, there are SO many factors that will impact the speed of your weight loss. BUT, be assured, if you are consistently making healthy choices and getting active, the weight will come off, it may just not be as quick as you want it to.

Lysa Terkeurst (author of Made to Crave) shares on her blog, “What is this truth? We were made for more than this. More than this failure, more than this cycle, more than being ruled by taste buds – we were made for victory. Sometimes we just have to find our way to that truth.”

We were made for victory, not feelings of defeat and guilt! Isn’t that breath of fresh air?  Let me repeat myself, WE DON’T HAVE TO LIVE IN FEELINGS OF DEFEAT.  John 10:10 says, “I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”  That’s GOOD news, friends.  When you are working on getting healthy, there are SO many victories to celebrate! You did the elliptical for 15 minutes straight? VICTORY!!! You choose brown rice rather than fried rice at Pei Wei? VICTORY!!! You only ate one cookie? VICTORY!!! When you are working toward optimal health, little victories add up and help create habits that will lead you to the long-term goals. Experiencing victory even in small choices can encourage you and keep you motivated to working toward your bigger goals.

-fitting into a smaller sized jean
-resisting junk food when you are with your friends
-being able to do more reps
-choosing a healthier option when eating out
-eating more fruits/veggies
-not eating when you’re stressed, bored, lonely
-no more double chin
-decreasing in your Body Mass Index (BMI)
-increased confidence
-increased energy
-your cravings have changed for healthier foods
-learning to eat for fuel not based on your emotions
-inches lost
-more endurance
-feeling more in control of your health
-drinking more water

Here are some other great NSV from a My Fitness Pal Blog (the app I use to keep track of my eating, exercise, and weight loss): http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/2014/05/little-milestones-big-motivation-myfitnesspal-users-share-their-non-scale-victories/)

• ‪“My doctor told me that after more than 20 years, I no longer needed medication for high blood pressure.” -Bob B.
• “I didn’t pick up a cigarette this week.” -Marisa D.
• “I reversed my diabetes! I’ve been off the meds for 6 months and my labs are the best they’ve been in a couple years.” -Jodi C.
• “My GERD is gone. Before losing weight, I was taking antacids daily. Now, practically never!” -Marion Y.
• “I have more energy. It’s amazing how much it’s increased.” -Heather K.

• “Had my ex walk past me and do a double take.” -Shellie P.
• “In the bank, the tellers were making a huge fuss over my toned arms and shoulders-cool!” -Launa V.
• “The TSA agent looked at my driver’s license, then me, then back to the license, then back to me, and said, ‘Well done!’ with a big smile.” -Andrea L.
• ‪“My daughter can hug me and fit her arms around my middle!” -Jennifer M. B.
• “Someone stopped me in the grocery store and said, ‘Please tell me how I can get legs like that!?’ Best kind of compliment.”
-Lisa H.

• “I stayed under my daily calorie limit ALL week…love MyFitnessPal!” -Roshawnda W.
• ”Skipped the doughnuts at work.” -Kate P.
• ‪“I drove by McDonalds and didn’t stop—even though I was craving a Quarter Pounder. That was a victory for me!” -Faye W.
• “I broke my Mountain Dew addiction!” -Amanda S.
• “I went grocery shopping and bought all healthy foods.” -Danielle L.

• ‪“I can touch my toes.” -Lori T.
• “I walked my kids to school three times, instead of driving!” -Sara S.
• “I ran for 25 minutes without stopping.” -Erin V.
• “I did 18 real pushups. In January I could barely do one. My goal is 20 by the summer solstice. I’ve got this!” -Melissa R. B.
• “I hit 10,000 steps before 11:00am today!” -Lori B.

• ‪“Being able to get rid of my car seat belt extension and wear a normal seat belt.” -Maggie D.
• ‪“I rode all the roller coasters in the normal seats.” -Matthew S.‪
• “I slid my drivers seat forward.” -Robin
• “I was able to sit down in a booth at my favorite restaurant without my stomach squished up against the table.” -Emily L.
• “Sitting down in chair and not worrying about it breaking underneath me.” -John S.

• “My wedding ring fits again for the first time since before I was pregnant with my now 17-month-old son!” -Tseli M. B.
• ‪“I was able to buy clothes from a regular store, not a specialty store or section, for the first time in a decade!” -Sara M.
• “Having to put three new holes in my belt and remove a link from my watch.” -Scott W.
• “My walking pants keep falling down.” -Patrick B.
• “Two pairs of jeans that didn’t fit when I bought them 8 months ago…they fit now!” -Gwendolyn T.

So my challenge to you: celebrate the weight loss, definitely, but also celebrate your NSV. Write them down to remind yourself of how far you have come and keep on keeping on! Go for that abundant life and life lived in victory instead of defeat!



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